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47 Inches The rain has saturated my very soul caused my heart to swell and crack caused my eyes to blur and hallucinate golden sun the rain has saturated my very soul waterlogged my spirit and made my tears invisible. copyright2017caceresbg Advertisements

Two Poems

For Ben

Knocked from your pedestal by the truth
we are no longer strangers
your children
like mine
are a gift to this family
without blood as a binding agent
they are here by grace
and power
and cannot be bullied by your family name.


Banker’s Hours

He wants to fire me because I don’t share his love of numbers
but how can I love that which is like dust;
colorless and ubiquitous?
Forcing into the soft palm of my hand those sharp edges
of sevens, fours and ones
he grins the way insiders do
and I smile with crazy 8 eyes
and force my lips into a big zero.


Rough Diamond Like charcoal I absorb your poison Acrid smoke And all the attachments you carry Anxiety rides the air on wings Not gossamer, not silk Wings made of plaster Like charcoal I compact, constrict, confine myself To a small corner Sucking air through a … Continue reading Poem


Two Little Boys in June

His arms had no knowledge of how to hug
and so he hugged toys
and his heart was carefully guarded
behind a wall of plastic and metal
his sense of security
sealed inside a box of sweet cereal
and solitude.

His friend couldn’t catch a football
knowing only how to cling to stuffed animals
his heart too
protected by isolation
and a wall of soft fatherless kisses
in a bedroom without a bed.

They found each other on a dusty road in June
dirty jeans and hands
playing with rocks and gravel
in a city far, far away
on a lonely street
where two little boys used to live.