How Did I Miss This?

The idea is simple and based on the same concept as those little free libraries–put a needed item in a box and people will be served. When did the blessing box begin? I surely would have heard of it before now and yet I just stumbled upon my first blessing box in Covington, Washington one week ago. And yes, I mistook it for a little library. The shelves had canned goods and baby diapers and there is even a cooler for people who might want to bring a bag of ice and donate milk or other perishables. The blessing box pictured above is in a church parking lot and I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the church or even the street intersection. I tried to Google “blessing box in Covington, WA” and a whole slew of hits filled my page. It seems the blessing box is everywhere–even on some peoples front lawn! I am delighted. Little deeds that help in small ways have enormous impact on people’s lives. I stumbled upon my blessing box when I missed a turn on the way to my Saturday writing group. I know where you are blessing box even if I don’t know the address and next Saturday I’ll help restock your shelves. Thank you to all the builders of blessing boxes and to those that fill them!


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