The King of Glass Jewels

In 1977 I wrote poetry that rhymed and it was almost always about love, loss and longing. The King of Glass Jewels is a bit different and sadly appropriate for today’s cultural and political climate. Poets will tell you that inspiration for a poem is not always understood. Sometimes things just come to us. Words written by poets may be carefully planned and delivered in beautiful literary architecture. Pulled from the walls of joy and misery we construct art to help ourselves live and heal….and then there are the muses…

The King of Glass Jewels

There was a man of riches
Who sat upon a throne
Of velvet red and luxury
He called the world his own.

She was a poor man’s daughter
Her life was hard and tried
She came to be his friend
Her existence –he denied.

“Your are a poor and worthless girl
What have you to offer me?”
For I am blessed with jewels of gold
And you with dirt and weed.”

A smile had come upon her
Her eyes began to shine
“What I’ve come to offer you
is yours, as well as mine.”

They walked into a sunset
Of pure and simple gold
Hand in hand they had to cry
Their love would not be sold.


Kind of corny isn’t it? Well, I was only 17.



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