Lesbian Kisses

You arrived with your lover
On a spring afternoon
The bouquet of flowers you held
Glistened with warm rain

My husband
Your ex
Cooking barbecue on the back deck
While we talked at the table
Leaning in to hear, elbow to elbow
Heart to heart
Already comfortable

Pork ribs and lemon cake and wine
Sweet red wine
And when the music started
We danced, donning plastic sunglasses
Grooving to Motown memories

Until my little girl took your hand
And pleaded, demanded
Dragged you up the stairs
“Come see my room!”

You would never be the same
After seeing so much joy in those big brown eyes
I guess you just wanted to know
And yes
We are all ok

And I wonder if you cried on the way home
For the children you didn’t have
And the ones you gave away
And for the time it took to find them again



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