I’ve Had Enough

I’ve had enough of marriage
of shared soap, community property
and debt
I’ve had enough of home ownership
of lawn mowers
and gardens and weeds
and composition roofs that cost 10 thousand dollars to replace

I’ve had enough food
cookies, cakes and coconut cream pie
well maybe not pasta
but I’ve had enough…
I’ve had enough sex
orgasms, foreplay
and sticky warm bodies

I’ve had enough of poverty
and Its claw like grip
and penchant for the young
I’ve had enough of casinos
that lure the foolish with
ploys of free food
while stealing rent money

I’ve had enough of colleges
that can’t be afforded
of clothes that fail to flatter
and diets that fail
and banks that make themselves
look like family
while foreclosing on homes like hungry snakes
I’ve had enough

I’ve had enough of words
words that deplete, diminish and destroy
words that fall from our mouths like seeds
from the pod of some invasive species
and find their way into the tiniest most protected
crevices of our dreams
words that live in our memories like
the worst nightmare and cannot be taken back or forgotten
I’ve had enough of words



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