The Burden of Green Lights

You wanted to be forgiven
to feel the embrace of his grieving mother’s arms
and know it wasn’t your fault
but when the door slammed on your bouquet of yellow chrysanthemums
you shuddered
hearing again the heavy thud of chrome against flesh and bone
the blue of an autumn sky flashed in your memory
his eyes once more
locked onto yours for a mere second before disappearing
you sat numb in the car on freshly cleaned vinyl seats
the smell of pine and Windex like poison in your lungs
friends waiting for you would wait
and wait
as sirens cut the warm September air
people cam from nowhere
arms reached in
concerned faces
shock, horror
you slumped against the side of your car
felt the heat and smell of burning
rubber tires
that failed to stop in time
you too suffered massive internal injuries
yellow chrysanthemums
sirens in September
and school children walking
will always remind you
of green lights and forgiveness.



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