The official word for 2017 is kindness.  It should be the default word for all times. Most of us learn and experience kindness as very young children and if by some tragedy we don’t, then a very key element of childhood innocence is lost.  Being kind is easy. It requires little effort and its rewards are ample kindness in return. Fools may scoff at this and say ‘that idealistic bullshit doesn’t work!’, but it does….oh it really does.  Kindness is an arm of love and we have the opportunity–the obligation–to extend the arm of kindness to all we meet. In doing so we add positive energy to the world and to our individual lives.

Being kind is not a passive, timid or weak attribute.  Being kind is a powerful movement that can and will change the world.

So the word of the year is kindness.  I will be more kind.

I will also persevere (that’s my own personal word for 2017)  as dictionary.com defines the word :

Persevere : verb (used without object), persevered, persevering.

to persist in anything undertaken; maintain a purpose in spite of difficulty, obstacles, or discouragement; continue steadfastly.

To persevere and be kind. Not impossible, not at all, and it may make for a very interesting year.



Howell Street Sign (photo taken 2013)

copyright 2017 caceresbg


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