What I didn’t do today…

Welcome baby New Year.  I mean it.  I really feel this year–this baby 2017 will rock the socks off all the others.  I know it’ll be tough and challenging in more ways and more unusual ways than before but so what .  We can do this.  We can accomplish all those goals and then some. I’ve not gotten off to the best start.  Had a heated argument with my spouse yesterday about the rules of the road and right of way.  God!  What a boring topic to argue about.  Did we really go at each other over that???  I meant to go to church but didn’t.   We are in a new neighborhood and have been here since November but have yet to cross the threshold of the neighborhood place of worship.  I haven’t had a drink yet but I will.  I have not done any yoga stretches for three days now.  I have not kicked any pigs and won’t even though I laugh every time I hear Gus in Lonesome Dove talk about how he “likes to kick a pig every now and again” and the camera focuses on the cute rumps and tails of those two squealing pigs.  We’ll ok, I’ve lied already.  There is one pig I’d like to kick, spit and stomp on, but this is not a political rant and so …..

It’s cold.  I don’t want snow.  I want longer days and shorter nights.  And I won’t kick, spit or stomp on anyone. Not now. Not ever.  I will speak and react thoughtfully. I’ll miss you president Obama.  For all your human weaknesses you are a kinder, gentler and infinitely wiser being than the one waiting at the door.  Good luck America.  Welcome 2017.


copyright 2017 caceresbg



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